A park of two hectares delimited by a stone and ancient beaten iron, with to the polling and imposing center, a rocky crest to whose summit is risen stately the ancient Castle Chiaramonte. An exult of autochtonous vegetable kind. With the palms, the agavis, the citrus fruits, the jasmines, the pomegranates, the locusts, the walnuts and the almond tree, the exemplary seculars of Saracen olives.

For centuries taken care by the farmers of the Chiaramonte and then from the sharecroppers of the many noble families that have happened to the dominion of the ancient castle. Hidden from the head of hair and from the sedimentary rocks, they are timidly perceived ” The Secret.” The ancient belief that wants blessed by the Providence the concluded pacts on her “fortress of Siculiana” it has wound for centuries this place from an aura of wealth and sacredness. It’s unequivocal sign of it the so many noble accords, the weddings among descendants of ancient lineages, celebrated in the Castle. In the garden of the Castle, as soon as under “the Secret ones”, it loved to stop for the embroidery Costanza Chiaramonte surrounded by trusted and talkative dames of company. The portrait of Constancy and her father Federico are visible inside the saloon of the parties of the Agnello Building . In recent epochs (summer 1955) has crossed in paths, now of marble, now of pebbles, the chevalier Agnello’s guest, Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, author of “Il Gattopardo.” One year before, in the summer of the ’54 were touched, also him the chevalier’s guest, to an extraordinary musician, Karlheins Stockhausen. To the dusk, the atmosphere is of enchantment with the colors, the odors and the sounds typical of Sicily that was of the “Gattopardi.” The starry skies of the summer Sicilian nights, complain here the grace of the soul.